Arabesque in Acre

Ancient Acre (Akko in Hebrew, ‘Akka in Arabic) is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site and a delightful destination here in Israel.  What began as a simple Israelite settlement millennia ago, later became a Crusader capital during much of the 12th and 13th century, leaving behind stunning ruins and ancient underground relics. Later during the Ottoman Period, Acre would return to its former glory acting once again as capital city to the local lords and regents ruling on behalf of the Sultan in Istanbul. 

Our full or half day tours allow you to engage and enjoy the many faces of Acre with a walking tour up the old city walls and through the twisting allies, into the harbor and around the stunning ancient sites.  Taste your way through the market as we enjoy the flavors of baklava sweets, sugarcane drinks, and all the authentic local delicacies your stomach can handle!  

Choose from the following sites or let us chose the best of Acre on your behalf:

The Crusader Citadel – Step back 1,000 years to a time when knights ruled the land and Crusader castles dotted the horizon.  This massive fortress was meticulously restored allowing visitors to enjoy a glimpse into the daily life of the Hospitalar Knights.  Wind your way through underground passages and enchanting escape tunnels.  It is one of Israel’s most beloved sites to visit.  

The Underground Prison Museum- The British Palestinian Mandate began just over 100 years ago, bringing with it an epic adventure of colonialism and rebellion, between the British rulers and their Jewish and Arab subjects.  This wonderful tour retells one of the great stories of early Zionist bravery, the daring prison break that brought British rule to an end and helped found the “Start Up” nation you are visiting today.

The Tunisian Synagogue- This synagogue is a stunning work of art, meticulously decorated over half a century by the late gabai (upkeeper) who worked tirelessly to emulate the style of the ancient Djerba Synagogue of Tunisia.  Using local artists and the mosaic traditions, the walls of this building tell the story of the Jewish people, from antiquity to the present day.  It’s truly a “must see” in Acre.  

The Turkish Hamam- Upgrade your Acre visit with our favorite spa in the region, Grattas.  Enjoy the private and intimate setting of the traditional Turkish bathhouse for two hours of relaxation, enjoyment, and health.  With your partner or group, you’ll receive a traditional massage and skin treatment from one of their experts, using organic olive oil soaps and other locally sourced materials.  It’s an ancient spa today you won’t forget!

More Fun for your Acre Adventure:

  • Enjoy a boat ride (speed or relaxing) around the ancient city, taking in views of the old harbor and city walls from the sea
  • Take in lunch or dinner at the world-renowned Uri Buri Restaurant, truly a culinary adventure not to be missed
  • Visit the off-the-beaten-path Bahai gardens of Acre, a more serene and relaxing visit to this cousin of the larger Bahai gardens in Haifa
  • The Ghetto Fighters House is the world’s first Holocaust museums and an important opportunity to learn about this period of Jewish resistance to incredible evil
  • Museums, hikes, cooking-workshops, off-roading, ropes courses, and so much more…