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Having spent years guiding groups throughout Israel, I’ve developed a passion for different perspectives and seeking context so my guests can truly feel and connected with this wonderful land.
Most recently this pursuit has brought me in touch with young group of travelers from Argentina, who I had the pleasure of guiding for the past 10 days. While Spanish is not my native language, studying and guiding Latin groups now allows me to share this sense of bewilderment and adoration from my home country, Israel, with those who were here for the first time.

As we found ourselves translating terms from the Kabbalah into Spanish from ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, the conversation entered a realm of both clarity and confusion. While the word צדק translates roughly into justicia, how we understand that concept is quite a different story. As we grow as people and members of society, our responsibilities, obligations and sense of justice are constantly tried and tested, challenging our personhood and our ability to maintain a sense of righteousness and hopefully continue pursuing justice.

These young travelers were enamored by these Kabalistic principles and teachings, allowing them to for the reflect on some of the difficulties they face at home with their own government. At the end the day seeing my guests passion, hearing their conversations, and sharing in their engagement is what makes me feel full filled as a guide. I hope you can join us in the future and take part in this great debate that we call our identity, and ever evolving sense of wonder.
From Israel with Love,

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Amir Katz - Guide, Owner of BIT And Proud Father

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