• Discover two faces of ancient and contemporary Israel as you explore the charming and world-class city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The ancient and the modern coexist in Jaffa as Israel’s skyscrapers sit next to ancient ruins.
  • Find world-class ruins of ancient Crusader strength and remnants of Roman glory in the northern city of Caesaria.
  • Follow the views and beauty of Mount Carmel from Haifa’s Bahai Gardens, where you can look out over the hill-top mixed city of peace.
  • Get an intimate glimpse of contemporary Islamic Israel as you wander the charming, mysterious alleys and markets of Arabesque Acre.

We run many customized tours throughout Israel, with different options that cater to groups that have diverse interests and needs. Whether you want to see some of the country’s offerings. Choose attractions or get an opportunity to taste some of the local cuisine. We can make it happen for you. We often take our guests to sites of historical interest, including ancient ruins but also mystical and spiritual places related to a variety of faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, and more. If scuba diving along the majestic coastline is more up your alley, we can arrange water sports like kayaking or sailing along the coastline. We can also arrange well-hunting trips around the region. Many groups choose one of our horseback riding excursions to gain a unique perspective on Jerusalem and its surroundings.

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