Golan Heights

The Golan Heights are home to some of Israel’s best nature.  Filled with stunning mountains, tremendous wineries, and geo-politically significant territory, it is a wonder you have to experience to believe.  Come hiking with us as we gaze across forests and valleys- little bits of heaven that separate us by just a few miles from the Syrian and Lebanese borders.

Here, you’ll still find cowboys and cattle.  It’s a play where an alternative agricultural lifestyle true to Israel’s pioneering spirit still lives.  You’ll find both Jewish and Druze communities living side-by-side.  Come enjoy this stunning region for a jeep tour among abandoned Syrian army bunkers.  Bake bread with local Druze residents as we learn about their unique, centuries-old culture.  Or celebrate the rural, romantic, and adventurous side of Israel with a horseback riding tour through the awe-inspiring high plains.

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