The gastronomy of Israel is an integral part of our culture. From the very beginning, Jewish people have defined ourselves based on what we eat versus what we do not. This has been a central tenant of Jewish faith and custom. Kosher food has played a role in both bringing Jews together to dine and celebrate, break bread and drink wine, as well as recognizing the holiness and the wonder that comes from our ability to receive bounty from the earth, and give thanks for it.

Food and gratitude go hand-in-hand. The early crusading knights would break bread in silence, feeding the poor first. This is also is manifest in the miracles that enable Christianity to spread like wild fire in the first century: A vision to Peter of different foods and animals that the new Christians could enjoy with their new mission of outreach. Jewish, Muslim, and Christian tradition alike all have holidays that define when we eat, what we eat, and how we eat.

Therefore we invite you to allow that which is on your plate to be an important element of our tour together. The concept of seven holy species that have been gifted to the people of Israel and the land of Israel, enable us to truly delve into a world where indeed, you are what you eat. We are beholden to the land, we are visitors on the land, we are keepers of the land, we are travelers and students of her stories. We invite you to break bread with us and celebrate the gifts of the earth, a healthy appetite, bringing holiness into our dining experience, and sitting together with friends around a table to do the most sacred thing we can, to share ideas and cohabitate peacefully, happily, humanely.

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