You might be surprised to learn that over half of the landmass of the State of Israel is covered by desert.  While many people think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or the Sea of Galilee, the desert is part of what makes Israel unique.  After all, where else in the world can you go to a beach party in Tel Aviv, ski in the Golan Heights, and then bask in the vastness of the desert all in one day?

We can take two different paths in order to bring you the best of what the desert can reveal.

The Judean Desert is home to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Oasis, and the Masada fortress.  This landscape of rolling dunes and red rocky peaks is just a short jump from Jerusalem.

The Negev is Israel’s largest desert.  Covering the wide expanses of southern Israel, it is filled with mystique and gorgeous views.  It’s a land where camels and high tech co-exist, where Bedouin balance modernity with a traditionally nomadic lifestyle.  Where diverse communities of Jews from all over the world (including 100,000 Indian Jews!) share their lifestyles with the dry heat they now call home.

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