The Coastline of Israel



-Walk your way through the charming and world-class city of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, while exploring the two faces of  ancient and contemporary Israel.  See the modern co-exist with the ancient, as Israel’s skyscrapers sit down the street from 10,000-year-old Yaffo.
-Head north to discover world-class Caesaria, home to some of the best ruins of ancient Crusader strength and the remains of Roman days of glory.

 –Lookout from atop Haifa’s Bahai Gardens, relishing the views and beauty of Mt Carmel and this mixed city of peace on the hill.       

Meander the charming, mysterious alleys and markets of Arabesque Acre with a glimpse into contemporary Islamic Israel. 

This tour is fully customizable, allowing our guests to follow our lead and suggestions for a fun, and fulfilling day of touring and site-seeing, or chose which best fits your pallet.  Choose between wineries and ancient ruins, local cuisine or international style.  We can take you to mystical and spiritual sites of all different faiths, and offer the attractions that most speak to your desired tour.  Whether you want to speed-boat around the Grottos of Rosh haNikra, skydive over the Mediterranean coast, or horseback ride at sunset. We are ready to make your Israel dreams come true.

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