Nature, the biosphere, Mother Earth, whatever you want to call it, Israel’s local habitat is a tremendous gift of natural wealth and abundance. Both in the variety of agricultural species that grow across the land, to the picturesque hills and valleys covering our surface. Some relish the lakes and mountains colliding into one another, for others the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon, or the volcanoes in the Golan Heights, rising above the plains beneath. Israel has a very special way of affecting our emotional and intellectual capacities, and nature plays a fundamental role in that journey. We invite you to hike both ‘on the path‘ and if you dare, go a little beyond, as we take our guests to some of the most scenic, picturesque and rather glorious faces that G-d has imprinted on the holy land. 
Part of our company vision is to use the gifts of nature to enhance our journey together. Whether that be descending a cliff face as a family, full moon hikes through the desert, or maybe simply rafting down the Jordan River with laughter and smiles in abundance. 
Some of our favorite nature hikes include: 
The Banyas Falls
Tel Dan 
Mount Meron 
Nahal Amud
Nahal Kziv
Wadi Kelt
Some of our favorite nature activities include:
Rafting the Jordan River 
Rappelling down Manara cliff 
Hot air balloon over the Gilboa mountain 
Kayaking upper Jordan River 
Waterfall hikes
Emek HaMayanot

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