Kabalah and Mystical Safed


High up on Mt. Canaan in the Upper Galilee lies the ancient city of Safed or “Tsfat” as it’s pronounced in Hebrew. Once home to a great congress of Rabbis that brought us a new mystical understanding of the Jewish religion, this is the birthplace of Kabbalah.  An esoteric and spirit-filled understanding of Judaism, it has gained adherents and fans around the world, even including Madonna!

Join us for a passionate and intimate tour to the ancient synagogues and the modern art galleries that make the city an enjoyable visit for any
and all.  The eclectic and spiritual are indivisible in this fascinating place.  Meet with renowned glass-blowers or enjoy an arts workshop with the
whole family.  This half-day tour combines nicely with a number of wonderful hikes, wineries, dairy farms, archaeological sites, artist workshops, and more!

David Lloyd from Poole, England, UK:
 “I was visiting Israel from the UK with friends from the UK and USA for the wedding of our friends daughter Jennifer Holzer who lives in Haifa. She kindly arranged for Amir to take us on various tours over the period of one week. I have been on many tours around the world, but Amir is right up there amongst the best- never a dull moment, no time to get bored- apart from a great subject knowledge, the humour, anecdotes, and his own spin on history shone through. A trip to remember!”