While it’s been a few years since we’ve called it our actual hometown, having moved up north just a bit, Tel Aviv is now and forever our home away from home, our ‘date-night out’ kinda town. It is the lifeblood of our country, it is the center of our social scene, it is Mecca for all that is modern. It is a strange little city, both ugly and pretty, a quaint little drop, by the side of the Mediterranean Sea.

And so we feel it would only be appropriate to insist, that you let us guide you in our hometown, and wander the streets that we love. With stories of grandeur, and humble beginnings, Tel Aviv is our town, our home, our heart. To truly grasp all the awesome and cool, that envelopes the city today, one must look deep within her soul, and peel away layers, hiding the true essence of this little town built on the sand.

While strolling down Rothschild Boulevard amidst the beauty and glamour and style, take a look at the statue of Dizengoff staring off proudly, gazing to the future of Tel Aviv from atop his horse and taking his place, amongst the city’s most noble founders and leaders.

We hope you will taste and stroll, relish the joy that Tel Aviv can bring to one’s heart when we embrace the arts, the culture, the noise, the chaos, the beauty, the tragedy, all that is, Tel Aviv.

Our Tel Aviv and Jaffa tours can be broken into half days or one day combining both.

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