Travel in the Palestinian territories adds a certain complexity and intensity for guests visiting the holy land. Politically, it is the most contentious place on the planet, and yet has the ability to be incredibly profound and meaningful, in light of the political challenges that exist in this region.  
 Rather some of the political and social juxtapositions that exist in this very peculiar country Provide such interesting and important teaching moments, that it would be a shame not to incorporate a day or two of our journey together in this wonderful and contentious region.   
Therefore we invite our guests to join us as we explore important site across the Judean Desert, The holy places in Bethlehem, the isolated monasteries that dot the canyons and valleys of the Shomron. Indeed antiquity abundant in this scenic and meaningful landscape. For both Jews and Arabs alike, there’s no doubt that holiness hides in the hilltops and this beautiful hill country is both lovely, and emotional to visit.  
We are excited to host to you and share with you our insights and adventures. Whether you are seeking holy churches in Bethlehem, political and Palestinian narratives in Ramallah, we are happy to work together with our cousins in order to elevate our guests travel experience. 
Also the challenges and hard chips faced by many who lived in this geopolitically contentious region.

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