Adult groups– mid 20’s- mid 40’s 

Family groups– based on age/number of children 


“We specialize in a hybrid approach to travel in Israel. We are troubled by the excessive cost of travel in Israel, and so we created a model to lower the impact on our guests wallets, while enhancing their overall journeys. Our all-inclusive, seven-day tours leave the first Sunday of every month starting in the spring season.  These are open to friends, couples, or singles, seeking to travel with a intimate group of no more than 16 people.  

Likewise, the same experiences is offered families who would seek to travel with other families of similar aged children. Thusly, these two travel groups can travel separately, enjoy the benefits of a larger group dynamic by elevating the overall experience, (group meals, group activities, evening tours, shared costs) while at the same time lowering the cost from that of a private tour. 

Our ability to start multiple tours of small groups along our favorite Israel travel route means we can share in the celebration of the collective group dynamic, while also having our own private group within the greater community.  


Two or three families, or ~10-14 adults per van, crisscrossing throughout the week with other vans, creating the ultimate private/group.  


Travel the day with your small group, celebrate dinner and a winetasting in the evening with friends from other groups. 


Tour Jerusalem‘s holy places with your small group, Celebrate a banquet Shabbat meal with the larger community. 


Explore Tel Aviv with your small group in the morning, Choose your own food tour/graffiti tour/LGBTQ tour in the afternoon with new friends  .

Short trips and getaways

We also run day trips and short packages that we are happy to customize for our guests. Each of our featured tours can be offered as a single day, or stitched together for a multiple day tour, based on your region and desire.
 For each additional day you add to your tour, you save $. (*Based on 2 people, contiguous travel days, doesn’t include cost of lodging) 
Featured events: 
Throughout the year we are happy to put together activities and events that invite guests to participate in the best travel experiences that we can create. Follow us online to keep up with what we’re doing, in Israel and beyond.   

One Day

$ 1000

Two Days

$ 1900

Three Days

$ 2700

Four Days

$ 3400

Five Days

$ 4200

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