Tel Aviv-Jaffa Underground


Known as both ‘the white city’ and also the ‘wicked city’, Tel Aviv is truly the epicenter of cosmopolitan Israel. Let our local guide show you this city of wonder, from its UNESCO recognized Bauhaus neighborhoods, to the bustling foodie scene, from the ancient port of Jaffa, to the city’s underground history. Whether by foot or by bike, join us for an adventure that covers 100 years during which sand dunes were turned into one of the most modern cities in the world. Interested in graffiti, culinary, or maybe architecture? Let us know your style and we’ll make sure to plan accordingly.
57jatz – birmingham alabama
“A friend and I, took a tour with Amir. The experience was wonderful! Amir has vast knowledge in everythin but also in history. Thus, the tour wasn’t only about the regular stuff. Amir took us to different places and so he combined history/archeology. Amir is also a really fun and nice individual, and so it just made the experience so much enjoyable. At the end of the tour, I forgot something in Amir’s car and I called him and offer to pick it up the next day but, within 10 min, having to leave his family again, he was delivering my item with a smile on his face. Instead of being upset, he thank me for “allowing” him to do a mitzvah! Next time in Israel I’ll check him out again. I highly recommend Amir.”