The Kingdom Of Jordan

The Kingdom of Jordan and Israel have been at peace since 1995. There is something sacred about peace treaties and we at BIT pay our respects to our neighbors, the Hashemite family and the kingdom of Jordan. Therefore we travel as guests into this desert land, and welcome our visitors into our neighbor’s country to discover the wonders of the desert, the old spice trade, the marvels of the ancient world, and the modern as well. Jordan is a small country, a desert country, a Bedouin country, and a mix between tradition and modernity. Their relationship with Israel has warmed over the years and we cooperate together on numerous projects including water conservation, medical and educational training, military cooperation, as well as social and cultural travel and exchange across numerous sectors. We share borders at the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, the Yarmouk Valley, in the golf of Aqaba. We are neighbors, we are partners, and we are friends. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to travel into our neighbors country, enjoy the delights in the wonders of their cultural heritage, dine and celebrate life and travel in this charming desert kingdom.

We invite you to discover our packages to the desert kingdom. You must visit the UNESCO world heritage site of ancient Petra with her marvels and wonders, with overnight at either the charming hotel inside the national park, or at a Bedouin encampment of much comfort and cultural charm.
Take a jeep tour along the old Hejaz railroad and into the desert beauty of Wadi Ram, who’s painted red sands, charming desert oasis’, secret mountain caves and stunning desert will leave you breathless.

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