The Republic Of Egypt

Egypt has shaped the imaginations of travelers and the wonder of humanity since ‘the early days’, some 8000 years ago when the first settlements started to appear around the world.  

As a young traveler, I spent some time in Egypt, wandering the streets and alleyways of Cairo, exploring the pyramids of Giza on horseback, and embracing the power and the glory that is this Desert Kingdom on the great river.  If you can imagine the ancient world in the area, to the east with the various city states of Assyria, Babylonia, Ur, and Sumer in their various times. These are the city states of Mesopotamia, the lands between two rivers.  The Akkadian Civilization rose some 5000 years ago and brought with it development of language culture writing and the foundations of the modern urban human.  
But Egypt was built around a river, one river, itself surrounded by deserts nearly impossible to pass. 
And so the power and the glory, the wealth and the splendor of ancient Egypt rose up from the desert, enveloped the Nile river, which became I t’s life blood, it’s Cardo, it’s spinal cord of survival.
The glory the wonder the splendor that is a EgyptThe glory the wonder the splendor that is Egypt is a hop skip and a jump from Israel these days and we invite you to take part in this fantastic adventure beyond borders, beyond Israel, and into the land of the pharaohs.  
With our partner company based out of Cairo, you have access to the best service, suppliers, and anything you may need while visiting the kingdom to the south.   Taking the power of Giza and the great pyramids, maybe take your chances on a camera or a horse if you dare.  Stroll the site that brought wonder and awe to the eyes of millions who have visited before us.  
Weather visiting the great museum of Cairo, or enjoying a Galil a sailboat ride down the Nile, and of course the breathtaking valley of the Kings, standing proud today still, from millenium past, Egypt lacks  not a wonder for the curious traveler, wishing to go a little beyond. 
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