Traveling with kids?  It can be a real blessing to explore Israel together as a family.  But even on the best of days, sometimes it’s just too hard to do all the planning, shlepping, and coordinating yourselves. Let us do the work so you can focus on enjoying your Israel experience instead of worrying about logistics.  Here’s a testimonial from one of our satisfied clients:

Derek from Dayton, Ohio:


“We spent our last 2 days in Israel exploring the Galilee with Amir. I left with a better appreciation of the context of all of the people in the Old and New Testaments along with the generations in-between.  Amir enabled what could have been an overview introduction to the Galilee, to go as deep as we wanted. Amir is very personable, intelligent, engaging, driven and accommodating, someone you’d love to stay in touch with, years after your tour.  Many times we learned together, exploring Jewish, Christian, Arab, and Eastern perspectives.


We recognized that we were with a great guide, as he was greeted warmly in various sites, restaurants, shops and hotels and helping us deal with the opportunities that life presents – pharmacies during Sabbath, things left behind at hotels and broken luggage.”

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