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Travel demands empathy, and so should we

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The north of Israel is my backyard and I wander amongst her trees and valleys, hilltops and soaring mountains, meandering with guests around time and space on a joyful journey called  Travel. 

We prance, scatter, we skip, our footsteps lead us into realms of adventure excitement and sometimes even a touch of trepidation.  Journey is a lifestyle.  It is existential to our identity as humanity. To walk, to go, to step for most of us is a given, and for those wheelchair- bound, a tormenting dream.

Travel demands empathy; so should we.
Therefore HOW he wander this world is both a question of identity and ideas, imagining as we progress how we wish to carry out our adventure.

As we embark on our journey in Israel or wherever you may be, look for signs.   I asked you to open your eyes to the symbols to the markings the sketches and the icons that paint our planet. The symbols represent so much, as we engage with each other in our respective understanding of ideas that define who we are, what we want, and where we’re going. 

Travel is an existential as well as a physical journey. Travel is in our DNA, and it’s also something we must learn. Travel is a collection of our experiences we carry with us, the baggage and burdens, blessings and babies, as we embark, one step at a time, into the realm of possibility. 

May you travel well and may the signs reveal better ways, and brighter days, ahead.
Shabbat shalom

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