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We push ourselves beyond the limits of what is possible in travel, and gently push our guests beyond their own self-imposed limits, as well.

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That a simple trip can turn into a great travel adventure, a vacation becomes an epic journey, a short visit can indeed turn our hopes and dreams, into the realm of possibilities.
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Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner
Amir was amazing! I really can’t say enough great things about the tour he took me on - he did a great job of tailoring it precisely to my interests, knew everything and everyone of relevance, and had a meticulous plan which he could adapt flawlessly on the spot. Amir truly made my day in Jerusalem unforgettable, and I can’t recommend him enough!
Alex Salsberg
Alex Salsberg
Amir gave us an unforgettable tour of the Old City in Jerusalem, full of so much humor, spirituality, history and heart! We absolutely loved our afternoon touring with him and felt like we learned so much in such a short time. So much fun and such a great time, highly recommend!
Adam Goodman
Adam Goodman
Amir Katz sees the world as it should be! I learned so much about Israel in just three days. He guides with so much compassion that it’s truly hard to not pay attention. The knowledge this man shares is eye opening and he is so much fun!! Don’t hesitate to let him guide you!
Ber Talgam
Ber Talgam
Amir is a great tour guide! Fun personality, and willing to show his guests multiple views on one piece of information, history, nature!


Seeing Light Beyond the Horizon

Traveling Israel with Care & Caution It is the ultimate privilege to be able to travel these days. I consider myself incredibly lucky in that

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